Standard asymptomatic check-up

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 To determine risk, take a sexual history.

Tests for all sexually active people <30 years, as well as anyone who identifies themselves at risk.
Infection Site / Specimen & Test


Chlamydia (males) FPU – NAAT


Chlamydia (females) Endocervical swab – NAAT Best test if examined.
Self-collected vaginal swab – NAAT
If not examined or patient has had a hysterectomy.
FPU – NAAT Only if endocervical swab/self-collected vaginal swab cannot be taken. Not as sensitive as
self-collected vaginal swab. 
Ano-rectal swab  If patient has had anal sex or has ano-rectal symptoms.

If patient declines anal examination, instruct
self-collection or refer patient for testing at sexual health centre.
FPU – First pass urine
NAAT – Nucleic Acid Amplification Test


Consider the following tests for individuals who are not from a high risk population group. To determine risk, take a sexual history.
Infection Site / Specimen & Test Consideration
Hepatitis B Blood – HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HBc

Include "? Chronic hepatitis B” in the clinical notes section.

Vaccinate if not immune. Vaccination is free in most states/territories for sexual/household contacts. 

HIV Blood – HIV Ag/Ab Repeat test if patient exposed within previous 12 weeks (window period).
Syphilis Blood – Syphilis serology Nil
HBsAg – Hepatitis B surface antigen
Anti-HBs – Hepatitis B surface antibody
Anti-HBc – Hepatitis B core antibody
HIV Ag/Ab – HIV antigen/antibody


Additional test to consider in asymptomatic individuals.
Infection Site / Specimen & Test Consideration
Gonorrhoea See gonorrhoea guideline for testing information Gonorrhoea testing only recommended in certain high-risk populations.


Specimen collection

Clinician collected